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Head Lice Treatment Center in Ocean Township

As a parent in Ocean County, you try to prevent your kids from getting into trouble whether it be injury, bad grades, illness or a multitude of other possibilities. Head lice is another one of these possible problems that may come up. Unfortunately, they spread easily between children given their propensity for physical contact. While they aren’t known for spreading disease, they can still cause a red, itchy, irritated scalp that can develop open sores if they scratch it too much.

If you’re searching for a head lice treatment in Ocean Township, you’ll be happy to know about our lice removal services at Lice Lifters Toms River. Being in Toms River means we’re a quick drive away from you if you’re in Lakehurst, Brick, Berkeley Township, Seaside Heights or Jackson. We’re also fairly convenient to you if you’re in Ocean Township within Monmouth County.


Removal of Head Lice at our Toms River Location

Many parents may not know what to do upon finding that their children might have head lice. Because you’re reading this, you are fortunate to be learning that there are professional lice removal services available that handle this problem quickly and effectively. This means you won’t be wasting any of your time or money on ineffective head lice removal in the form of over-the-counter products or home remedies. At Lice Lifters Toms River, our lice removers follow a proven process that gets rid of lice and their nits, so the problem is handled long term for you and any infested members of your family.


Lice Lifters Offers All-Natural & Fast Lice Removal Treatments

Whether the presence of lice was brought to your attention by a school nurse or other professional or you simply suspect your child may have lice, the first step is to bring them to our lice removal services. One of our head lice removal technicians will then do a head check to confirm the presence of lice. Our lice removers will then do a thorough comb-out of your child’s hair that removes as many of the adult lice and nits as possible. Lice can be persistent, however, and just a couple remaining nits can hatch and cause the problem to continue. For this reason, our lice removers then apply a completely safe and all-natural killing agent that is 99.9 percent effective at killing the lice and their nits.

When you come to our kid-friendly head lice removal salon at Lice Lifters Toms River, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that we specialize in lice removal, so we have evolved this process that is fast, effective and affordable for ridding your family of this problem. Best of all, we can treat all of your infested family members at once, and they’re lice free in a single visit. We’ll even give you advice and products you can buy to ensure your home remains free of lice for the long term. To permanently handle this itchy, irritating problem, please contact our lice salon today.

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