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You’ll be relieved to know that, if you’re in the Jackson, New Jersey area, there is a solution to this problem that is convenient, safe, affordable and effective. At Lice Lifters of Ocean County, our certified technicians have been getting rid of the problem of head lice for families just like yours for years. We just need you to fill out the contact form, so we can get in touch with you and set a convenient appointment time for you.

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Jackson Trusts the Lice Lifters Process

Because we’ve been helping families with head lice in the Jackson area for a while now, we have a reputation for being the place to go for head lice removal. Our process begins with verification that you have lice by means of a head check. This is followed by a thorough comb-out, which is when any lice and their eggs, or nits, are removed by one of our certified lice technicians. The application of our safe and natural killing agent is the final nail in the coffin of any lice or nits that still remain.

Step 1

1. Come to Lice Lifters

It all begins with you coming to our lice salon and bringing any family members you believe have lice so we can verify their presence and begin treatment.

Step 2

2. Thorough Comb-Out

Our lice technicians have tremendous experience in this step. This is where we use a specialized comb to remove as many lice and nits as we can find.

Step 3

3. Apply Lice Lifters Solution

Since any missed nits or lice can cause your problem to erupt all over again, we finish by applying our all-natural, 99.9 percent effective killing agent.

Take a Tour of Lice Lifters of Ocean County, NJ

At Lice Lifters of Ocean County, we want you to understand that there is simply no faster or more effective lice treatment on the market today than what we offer. Don’t waste time or money on unproven over-the-counter products or home remedies. Lice can spread from your child to other parents’ children fairly quickly, so you want to get this situation remedied fast.

You also want to know that you are patronizing a service that puts their customers first, and we excel at this. We provide a clean, family-friendly and professional lice clinic for you to bring your family to in order to get this specific problem eliminated.

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Testimonials for Lice Lifters of Ocean County, NJ

Lesli Doll

I highly recommend this service- they did a great job for my daughter and were very helpful!

Jaclyn Neuman

This was my first time dealing with lice and I was a complete basket case. So was my daughter!! The 2 girls working put my mind at ease and took care of us!! I would highly recommend using their service. They are friendly and very professional!

Diane Choromanki

Jackie was so kind and helpful. She was able to make my daughter and l feel more comfortable and actually laugh about our situation!

Benefits of Lice Lifters

  • Our treatment is second to none in safety and effectiveness.
  • Our products are completely natural and non-toxic.
  • If you’re looking for payment options, we accept flex and health spending account payments.
  • Our treatment is so successful it’s guaranteed, and it’s recommended by pediatricians.
  • You can’t beat the convenience of being all done after a single visit.

What to Expect

  • We provide a professional and friendly atmosphere.
  • We’re experienced at using a lice comb to detect and remove lice and nits.
  • We provide you with simple post-treatment instructions.
  • The education and tips we give you help to prevent future outbreaks.
  • Our TV, movies, snacks and children’s coloring and play area make your wait pleasant.