Lice Lifters Education Program

Lice Lifters Education Program - Lice Lifters Of Ocean County, NJ

Lice Lifters Detection and Education Program

Lice Lifters would like to come to your school to provide a 30-minute education program concerning lice. Our Educational program is designed for children, parents, and educators and aims to teach lice prevention, treatment, and other important information. There is no cost for our Lice Education program; it’s our gift to the community. If your school has an HSA, PTA, or a PTO, get in touch with us today to learn more about our program or to schedule your time slot.

Lice Education We All Need

It is important to have lice knowledge no matter who you are. Louse has been around since clothing has been around and the problem with infestations never really seems to go away. Lice are more prominent at schools where there are lots of kids who oftentimes wear each other’s hats, share combs and brushes, and participate in other behaviors that puts them at risk for lice. After our program, there is less risk of a lice infestation since you have the knowledge and information necessary to keep them away.

A lice/nits check is an important part of lice treatment. It is the first step that any parent should take to treat their child for lice. Many are unaware of proper techniques to perform this check. We’ll teach attendees the proper ways during the program. Our compassionate lice technician take the time to answer questions at the end of the program. Handouts are also given out to every attendee. These handouts ensure proper lice care and treatment at-home.

A Resource for the Community

We aim to serve the community with a very important source during our educational program. Lice are not dangerous, but they are a great nuisance for those bothered by an infestation. Children may be unable to attend school while affected by lice and it can certainly weigh heavily on self-esteem. Our educational program benefits elementary schools, camps, public schools, private schools, daycare centers, and other facilities where children attend on a regular basis. 

Call us today to learn more about our Lice Detection and Education program or to schedule us to speak at your next event.