Top-Rated Head Lice Removal Company Servicing Ocean County Residents

Lice Lifters treats and removes head lice at our Ocean County New Jersey treatment center.

Through the Lice Lifters© Process, our customers see 99.9% success rates removing and treating lice in one treatment. No over the counter lice treatment will work as effective as professional lice treatment.

In fact, Over The Counter Lice Treatments are not effective in permanently killing or stopping lice outbreaks. You’ll pay over and over again to treat and still have lice, costing more time and causing more frustration.  Whether you live in Monmouth or Ocean County, our Lice Lifters of Toms River location will get your scalp lice-free!

Call today to make an appointment and rid your lice problems right away and get peace of mind head lice won’t affect you any further.

The Lice Lifter Difference


All Natural, Organic and Safe.

Our Lice Lifters® Treatment Solution is all natural and all of our lice treatment products are safe for the whole family.

Certified Lice Removal Technicians

Our lice treatment technicians are all trained and certified on the latest and best techniques for removing lice once and for all.

Better than Mobile Lice Treatment Services.

Lice Lifters® is better than a mobile head lice removal service. Find out why our treatment clinics are your best option.

At our lice treatment salons, we can treat your whole family, all at once.
Safe, non-toxic and effective. One Quick Treatment. DONE!

Lice Lifters Blog

How to Identify Head Lice

Your child just came home from school, and she’s been scratching her scalp furiously. Your son just attended camping, and his fingers have been fidgeting in his hair, but he won’t ask for help. You probably think it might be head lice, but again you aren’t sure. Identifying head lice, especially if it’s your first

How To Prevent & Treat Head Lice Naturally

At Lice Lifters of Tom’s River, we know the last thing you want to hear is that your child has head lice. While these tiny, parasitic insects are not dangerous, they are still a nuisance and one that you can try to prevent. The following steps may help your child avoid these tough little insects

10 Best Lice Prevention Tips For The Summer

With warm weather and a break from school, your kids love the summer months as much as you did when you were their age. One thing that does rain on the parade that is summer for school-aged children is that the incidence of head lice increases. As a parent, you may want to know a


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