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Caring For Camps

Lice Lifters Detection and Education Program For Summer Camps

Lice Lifters, a well-known network of treatment centers that provides a safe and natural lice removal method, has a team ready to help you at Lice Lifters of Toms River, N.J. We have provided a lice cure to this community for over seven years by supplying quick, safe and affordable head lice treatment. We take pride in using an all-natural product that you can trust to get rid of your child’s head lice. Furthermore, our method stacks up against over-the-counter removal products, which show some resistance to recurring lice.

Community Outreach

For many years, our company has used community outreach to connect with our fellow residents in Ocean County by sending trained technicians to local schools. Our experts examine all students and staff for head lice. Additionally, our licensed technicians go over prevention methods as part of the education process. To further our efforts in the local area, we have expanded our community outreach to local camps.

Summer Camps

Lice infestations affect 6 to 12 million people per year. We know this problem may become difficult for children and parents to handle. Therefore, our company created our latest outreach program, Caring for Camps. We send our experienced technicians to local camps in Ocean Country – just like we do for the area’s schools. In addition to conducting head lice checks, your technician will educate all camp employees on how to properly check for lice. We want children to have fun at summer camp. At the same time, parents need to know the chosen camp provides a safe environment. Lice Lifters offers a way to make sure all camp counselors have the necessary skills to treat this type of parasitic problem.

Lice may spread at a more rapid rate when kids share close quarters. Let us help you address the problem, so you may focus on ensuring all campers have an enjoyable experience. We encourage all summer camp directors and owners in the Ocean County area to call us for more information. Lice Lifters will set up a convenient time to have a technician come to your camp.

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