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Tried many over-the-counter products, as well as countless home remedies, and nothing worked. Lice lifters products and process for lice removal work 110%. Im happy to say that it has been over a year and we are still lice free!! I want to thank all staff… 

Hilary Cook
6 months ago

I am impressed definitely! They had coloring and movies for the kids, their facility was very clean and organized. All staff go above and beyond their duties, to make you feel at ease and comfortable!! I am so glad I found Lice Lifters!! Karen thank you…

Barbra Levi
6 months ago

I caught lice from my granddaughter and panicked. Lice lifters saved me. Tracy was so kind and calm and made me feel better about the situation. Plus she got rid of the lice! I hope I never deal with this again, but if I do, I know exactly where I’m going…

Marie Maynor
6 months ago

My wife and I are so thankful for Lice Lifters!! I’m almost sure we would of not made it successfully through this process without the guidance, knowledge, and understanding, of all of lice Lifters staff!! Thanks to our technicians Brooke and Karen!!

Fred Cooper
6 months ago

My son was not happy about having to sit and get treated for lice. He normally freaks when he gets a haircut!! The staff at Lice Lifters in Toms River were totally awesome!! Laura and Karen are both very compassionate, understanding, and super informative!!

Amber Smith
6 months ago

Lice lifters is Incredible !!! I was extremely well informed , the items that I purchased actually worked !!!!!!!!! Karen who took care of me and my family Was magnificent !!!! I would highly recommend anyone to go there !! In a word AWESOME !!!!!!

J Van Sciver
9 months ago

I was very upset when I found out that my daughter had lice, didn’t know what to do and then I found lice lifters on the Internet. The lady Karen that I spoke with was extremely informative very helpful and put my mind at ease…

K Man
9 months ago

Last Wednesday I received the dreaded phone call from the school nurse telling me my six year old daughter had lice. I was completely overwhelmed never having dealt with it before. I knew I needed help. I called my pediatrician and she recommended Lice Lifters…

Ann Marie Lusquinos
10 months ago

We had the unfortunate news that we had a case of lice in the house. It was late in the afternoon, their office was closing and it appeared we weren’t going to get treated today. The office called us and said the owner will come in a couple of hours after closing…

Matthew Presutti
11 months ago

What Makes Our Lice Treatment The Best?

All of our Ocean County lice removal salon products are 100 percent natural and perfectly safe for everyday use. You can purchase these products as well as at-home kits at our treatment center. You can also be confident that our products will work on all head lice. Even so-called “super lice” that have grown immune to the toxins in other head lice products won’t stand a chance against our all-natural, completely effective products.

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