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Frequently Asked Questions About Lice

It can be a challenge if they are on the furniture in your home. But lice can’t live without a human host for longer than 24 to 48 hours. So avoiding infected areas might be just as effective.

They actually prefer human hosts where they can nest and feed. Lice will not live in your pet’s fur.

Your scalp hair attracts them because of how close together the hair follicles are, making it easier for them to grip the hair with their legs. The hair follicles on other parts of your body are more widely disbursed, making it difficult for them to attach themselves.

The first application will kill any lice that are living. But if any eggs are hiding and still in your hair after the initial treatment, they will hatch. Since adult lice are active for up to 2 days, the two additional treatments will kill them before they have a chance to lay more eggs.

Fortunately, they don’t transmit any harmful diseases. But their incessant biting will cause itching and scratching which can lead to bleeding.

They are tiny, oval-shaped eggs that can be either black, brown, or tan. The nits are coated with a sticky substance that firmly attaches them to the hair follicle close to the scalp.

Keeping your hair tied or close to your head will keep it from touching someone’s hair that has lice. You should also avoid sharing brushes or hair accessories with other people. You can also use our Lice Lifters mint spray to keep them away from your hair. Lice will avoid the smell of mint.

The nits need the moist warmth of a human scalp to survive and will hatch somewhere between seven and ten days.

They somehow came into contact with someone who was infected with lice either by their hair touching or sharing combs, towels, or clothing that lice would be able to live on long enough to find a new host.

It might be more than you think. She can lay up to 10 eggs a day, and those eggs will hatch, producing nymphs that will grow and lay eggs. It’s an endless cycle unless it’s stopped quickly. Our Lice Lifters treatment plan will eradicate any infestations.

You’ll spend a lot more money on over-the-counter products and they still won’t be as effective as our methods, not to mention the toxins and harmful chemicals that they use to kill lice. And over the years, lice have become resistant and immune to many OTC treatments. Our products are pesticide-free, completely safe, and extremely effective.

We’ve applied the latest advances with our microgroove technology, creating a comb with teeth that almost lay against each other, giving it the ability to extract more lice and nits from human hair.

If we could solve that mystery, we could possibly eradicate the problem forever. Unfortunately they’ve been around forever and intend to stay.

It’s not necessary since the adult lice will only live for 48 hours. They can either be placed in plastic bags for a couple of days or tossed in the dryer for 30 minutes to kill any lice.

Because of their short lifespan and the fact that the nits can’t survive on furniture, treatments are most effective when they are focused on their human hosts. Some chemicals can even damage the surface of furniture.

No. Their only means of mobility is crawling.

Itching is usually the first indicator. Their bite will cause a minor allergic reaction in most people, causing the itching and subsequent scratching. Lice are also more active at night so having trouble sleeping could be an indicator. And some people can feel them crawling on their head.

They reach adulthood in seven to ten days, and the females are able to begin laying eggs.

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