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Back To School Means Head Lice Problems For Your Kids

As a parent who is active in your child’s life, you take an interest in how they are doing in school and in their life overall. Occasionally issues come up that can adversely affect them, and head lice is one such issue. Lice are tiny insects that are parasitic in that they feed off blood just under the scalp. They can’t jump or fly, but physical contact can enable them to crawl from one head to another rather easily.

Lice are equally likely to strike boys or girls. Kids in general are at higher risk than adults of catching a lice infestation given that they are more prone to the type of close physical contact that makes their spreading a fairly simply matter.

Talk To Your Kids About Potential Lice Problems

A lot of kids are probably not familiar with head lice. Telling them about them at all lets them know that they exist as an issue to be concerned about. With your kids in school, they will be more likely to engage in physical contact with others in gym class and in after-school sports.

Tell them not to share helmets, hats or hair brushes that have been worn by others. This is particularly a problem with after-school sports where kids may have to share sports helmets. That said, they can also catch them off the playing field by sharing combs or towels, so tell them to be cautious about doing this in general.

Take A Peek For Head Lice Every Now And Then

You should check your kids hair fairly regularly for lice. Once a week might be a good schedule to remember, and you may want to do it right after a shower or bath when their hair is still damp. You’ll need a special lice comb as well as a white towel or paper towel. You basically start at their scalp, and then pull the comb out to the end of the hair strands. When you periodically wipe the comb on the towel, you will see the telltale signs that may indicate lice in the form of brown or black specks.

Effective Head Lice Removal In Ocean County

You may be so busy looking out for other aspects of your kid’s life, that you may have either forgotten or never noticed that there are professional lice salon companies specifically dedicated to head lice treatment. For parents in Ocean County, you will be happy to know there is such a service that is a short drive away.

Our lice salon at Lice Lifters of Toms River NJ, offers everything you need to get any problem you have with these annoying pests handled quickly, easily and affordably. We use safe and all-natural products that kill 100 percent of the lice on your child’s head. Following this head lice treatment, our head lice removal experts do a meticulous comb out that ensures all of the adults and their eggs are removed.

Best of all, our lice treatment & removal is completed in a single visit, so you and your child can get back to your lives without any annoying itching and irritation.

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