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Why Head Shaving & Close Haircuts Don’t Help Prevent Lice

As an Ocean County NJ resident, you and your children have had the chance to enjoy another beautiful summer near the New Jersey ocean front. As fun as this may have been, you may find you’ve joined the ranks of parents who have to deal with their child having head lice. Maybe they picked it up by using an infected person’s towel at the beach or swapping hats with someone who has lice. If they went to camp for the summer, they may have gotten them from another kid there, or just as likely, they could have picked them up from bumping heads with other kids at the local playground.

However they got them, you now have to deal with them. If this is the first time you’ve ever found lice on your child’s head, this can be quite an upsetting situation. The first thing to do is to remain calm and not do anything rash.

Panicking About Head Lice Doesn’t Help

Some people may take desperate or downright silly steps upon finding out their child has contracted head lice. This is especially true if you have more than one child and are afraid they’ll spread to the others and you want to handle the situation quickly. These types of desperate, yet ineffective, actions can include debunked home remedies such as saturating their head with mayonnaise or olive oil or something else that is equally ridiculous. Some have even gone to the extreme of shaving their child’s head.

Shaving A Head Won’t Handle The Lice Problem

Lice are resilient little pests. They actually feed on the blood under the scalp rather than on the hair itself. Some mothers try giving their kid a crew cut or perhaps even totally shaving their heads. They then find that the lice are still there. They simply cling to the scalp while waiting for the hair to grow back at which time they’ll be hidden again. This is also why head shaving is not an effective method for preventing head lice. You need to pursue a solution that deals with the lice directly rather than one that simply uncovers them for all the world to see.

A Powerful Lice Solution For An Annoying Lice Problem

Just as you call in a professional for some other problems in your life, the presence of head lice merits this as well. Lice Lifters of Toms River is a lice clinic that serves the residents of Ocean County. Our head lice removal technicians have experience at dealing with lice. We use a head lice treatment that is all-natural and safe, and it gets the job done in a single trip.

Save yourself time when seeking out an effective head lice treatment. Only a dedicated lice clinic has solutions tailored to this problem.

Our Toms River franchise guarantees the results of our head lice removal process, so your child can be back out the door lice free after one treatment.

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