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Lice Happens: It Is Easier To Treat Than You May Think

Lice Are A Common Problem That You Can Treat Successfully

No parent wants to learn that their child has caught a lice infestation. These tiny, parasitic insects that love to feed off the blood under our scalp are the bane of parents everywhere. Children are particularly prone to catching them, and there are approximately 6 to 12 millions outbreaks a year in the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The first thing you should do is thoroughly disabuse yourself of any myths regarding head lice, then head to your nearest head lice treatment clinic.

Head Lice Myths And Misconceptions

  • Your Child Will Get Ill From Lice Perhaps the only saving grace of these little parasitic pests is that they are not known to transmit disease. They can cause significant enough itching that your child might scratch enough to cause open sores, but that’s about the worst of it.
  • Lice Only Like Kids With Poor Hygiene If your kids have head lice, don’t beat yourself up over this one because it’s totally false. Lice may actually prefer a clean head since grease or dirt can make it harder for them to get around.
  • You’ll Know You Have Lice Because Your Head Will Itch While many people with head lice have the symptom of an itchy head, many do not develop this particular symptom. It can also be the case that this symptom can take a while to develop. The itching is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of lice when they bite into your scalp to feed on the blood underneath. If you’re not allergic, you won’t develop this symptom.
  • Lice Can Jump From One Child to Another You’ll be relieved to know that lice can’t jump or fly. This leaves only crawling from an infested child’s head to that of another child to spread. There’s a chance they can also be picked up from a hat, comb, hairbrush or other items worn or used on the head, but this is much less common.

Can I Prevent Head Lice?

There are steps you can try to prevent lice. Since the primary way they spread is by crawling from one kid’s head to another, the best advice is to tell your kids to minimize head-to-head contact. One way to do this is by tying up or back the hair of any children with long hair to reduce the chances of the hair coming into contact with that of another child.

Similarly, tell your kids not to share certain items with others. These items include hats, helmets, combs, hairbrushes and towels or pillowcases. Lice cannot live for long once they are not on a human scalp since they need the warm, moist environment and because it’s their feeding ground. Still, they’ll last up to two days before dying, and this is long enough to potentially pick them up from something belonging to a person with a lice infestation.

What To Do If All The Prevention In The World Fails

If you want to avoid wasting time or money, don’t take a lot of the advice you’ll get on how to handle head lice. Instead, seek out professional head lice removal services in your area. There are lice shampoos on the shelf at your neighborhood drug store, but the insecticides used in these have been around so long that most lice have developed an immunity. There are also home remedies, but these are messy and often ineffective. There are, however, places you can bring your family that offer a professional lice treatment.

Head Lice Treatment In Ocean County, New Jersey

For families near Tom’s River, NJ, you’ll be happy to find out about Lice Lifters of Tom’s River. At our lice removal center, we use all-natural products that are completely safe for your family while being deadly to lice. We have the experienced, certified lice technicians as well as the tools and products to offer you a professional lice treatment that is backed by our guarantee. Please contact our lice removal center for an appointment if you believe any members of your family may have lice. We’ll get them free of this problem with a professional lice treatment that’s fast, effective and affordable.

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