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10 Best Lice Prevention Tips For The Summer

With warm weather and a break from school, your kids love the summer months as much as you did when you were their age. One thing that does rain on the parade that is summer for school-aged children is that the incidence of head lice increases. As a parent, you may want to know a few tips to try to avoid this problem and how to handle it should prevention fail.

10 Ways To Prevent Lice

  • Advice While Playing Sports – Lice spread easily from head-to-head contact such as during a huddle while playing a favorite game. They can also be spread by your child putting on a helmet just used by someone with lice. Buy your kid their own sports hat or helmet and tell any with long hair to put it up or tie it back. Check your child for lice
  • Summer Camp Season – You may want to check your child for lice before they leave for camp. You don’t want your kid to end up being the one who spreads them to others. Also, be sure to use a lice comb to part their hair, and look for lice and their eggs, or nits, right after they get back from camp.
  • Sleepovers – Make sure your child has their own pillow, blanket, brushes and combs for any sleepover they’re invited to in order to minimize any chance of them using one belonging to an infested child.
  • Swimming – This one is more of a lice myth debunking than a preventative measure. Some parents believe that chlorine in swimming pools can kill lice, but they would be wrong. You still have to take common-sense precautions when your kid’s playdate with others occurs at the pool.
  • Going to the Movies – With all the movies that come out over a typical summer, it’s hard to resist the theater at this time of year. Just make sure to check your child’s seat (and yours) for lice before sitting down.
  • Hair Care Items – We all like to teach our kids how good sharing is. That being said, you should caution them against sharing items used on their head such as combs, brushes, hair ties, hats or anything else worn or used on their hair.
  • Regular Checks for Head Lice – Technically, this is more of an attempt to see if prevention has been working rather than a prevention tip itself. Like most parents, you’re busy and so can’t watch over your kids all the time. You should use a comb and a magnifying glass, and part your child’s hair a section at a time near the scalp. Google images of head lice and their nits (eggs) beforehand, so you’ll know what to look for.
  • Preventive Comb-Outs – Get a good lice comb, and do a weekly combing out of anything suspicious that might be lice and nits before they have a chance to multiply. Wet their hair first for best results.
  • Use Mint Spray – Regardless of how much you may like the smell or taste of mint, lice are repelled by this scent. Get a good mint spray, and use it as a precaution especially right before you know your child will be doing something where they’ll be in close proximity with other kids.
  • Making Hair Less Tempting – Girls tend to get lice easier since they usually have longer hair making it easier for it to come into contact with that of someone who may have lice. Put their hair up or tie it back before they go out.

Head Lice Treatment Recommendation

Finally, if lice prevention fails and you feel your kids may have lice, consider bringing them to Lice Lifters of Tom’s River. The certified lice technicians at our lice salon are experts at detecting head lice and then eradicating them once found. Also, we do so using 100 percent safe and all-natural products unlike so many of the over-the-counter lice shampoos that use toxic pesticides. While lice aren’t dangerous, they are still a nuisance and one that you and your family don’t need to tolerate with a fast, effective and affordable solution close at hand.

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