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How To Prevent & Treat Head Lice Naturally

At Lice Lifters of Tom’s River, we know the last thing you want to hear is that your child has head lice. While these tiny, parasitic insects are not dangerous, they are still a nuisance and one that you can try to prevent. The following steps may help your child avoid these tough little insects that have an affinity for feeding off blood under the scalp.

Head Lice Prevention

  • Tie your kid’s hair up – It is said that lice are typically spread by head-to-head contact, but it can really only take hair-to-hair contact. Lice have six legs that are designed for grasping onto and moving along human hair strands. For this reason, it’s best to make sure your kid’s hair is less of an easy target by having them tie it back in a ponytail or braids.
  • Sharing is not always a virtue – We like to teach our kids to share, and this is generally very admirable. That being said, especially if you get a note saying lice are on the loose at their school, tell your children not to share hats, helmets, scarves, combs, brushes or any other hair accessories with friends school
  • Try Lice Lifters Mint Detangler Spray – Yes, we’re trying to sell you on our own hair spray product, but what can we say, we’re proud of it. This all-natural hair detangler and lice deterrent is non-toxic and safe for daily use. Lice can’t stand the scent of mint, and that’s just the start of this product’s ability to repel lice. Spray it on your child’s head before school, play dates, after-school activities or any other time they’re about to be around other kids.

Head Lice Treatment Options

The standard do-it-yourself lice treatments generally fall into the two categories of retail lice shampoos from your local drug store or home remedies. Sadly, the pesticides used in the lice shampoos have been used for so many years that many lice have grown an immunity to them. Also, these pesticides are toxins, so you always have to worry about your child running the risk of having an adverse reaction to them. This is even more true with prescription medicines and their ingredients since they are supposed to be even more powerful than the off-the-shelf products.

Some parents swear by home remedies. The biggest downside of them is that they can be fairly convoluted to apply correctly. The treatments try to suffocate live lice by smothering your child’s head with olive oil, mayonnaise or something similar. Of course, lice can hold their breath for hours, so you have to get your kids to keep this mess on their hair and scalp overnight under a shower cap while they sleep. Since only the live lice are suffocated, you have to repeat it again in a week or so to catch any lice that were in the nit, or egg, growth stage at the time you first did it. You may have to do such applications three or four times to increase your chances for success. Also, just one or two missed lice or nits and the problem is not solved.

Lice Lifters Of Tom’s River

OK, here’s the part where we try to sell you on our own lice treatment services, but we swear, they’re actually quite good! They have to be. Lice treatment is all we do, so if we weren’t pretty darn good at it, we’d have gone out of business a while ago. So, if you’ve tried other remedies and they haven’t worked out for you or you just want to skip to the best remedy available because your time is valuable to you, bring any kids you know or suspect to have lice into our lice salon. Our compassionate and certified lice technicians will start with a head check to determine that lice are the actual problem. We’ll then employ a mix of 100 percent safe and all-natural techniques and products that rid your loved ones of these little buggers in a single appointment, so please call for an appointment today.

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